I had the privilege to have my first bridal show in Toronto. it was months of planning to get everything ready for this date.  

In the beginning it was fairly stressful, as we arrived at 9:30 AM,  whist the show began at 11:00 AM. Some things weren't even set up yet- boards still on the walls, chairs still in stacks. 

As people began to arrive, I began to anticipate that things were going to turn out great. I met lovely couples, all very eager to find the oneI felt very excited to show them my work to these couples, expressing everything I could.

At the end of the day, I could see in the couples faces that they left very happy and satisfied. I felt very proud to have made their day, and hopefully be their special photographer.

I am very proud of my job, no matter how hard or difficult it gets, the important thing is to make them happy . 



Look at these cute cookies that I order from Sabrina. I was inspired to give the couples cookie in the shape of a heart and a wedding dress. I gave the cookies to all the brides as a gift for their date. you can check Sabrina's Instagram ciampolillochocolate_andmor  , she does an amazing job when I need her. Also, I want to thank my  assistant Priscilla for being with me the whole day, with me . 

Prints & Albums order from GTA IMAGING , I love their quality with all the products .