Destination wedding Philadelphia | Ashley & Sebastian

Ashley and Sebastian first contacted me through one of my best friends . The first chat we had , they told me they loved my work and wanted me to capture their story in Philadelphia . I was in complete shock and agreed right away . Their wedding was full of their close friends and family members . When I arrived at the airport , they were so incredibly nice , I felt as if I was at home with my own family . 

Their wedding took place at the outskirts of Philadelphia . Ashley , her bridesmaids , and her family members were always by her side , even when she was getting ready . Their ceremony was full of nature and took place in a golf resort . I had such a good time photographing their day because of how beautiful the landscape was and I absolutely loved how everything was set up .

Everyone was so full of energy and joy , it gave you such a great feeling ; all the children dancing around as the adults cracked a few jokes and enjoying their time after the ceremony , it was marvellous . I truly enjoyed photographing Ashley and Sebastian ' s day . I had a blast with everyone and I'd like to thank Ashley and Sebastian for giving me this opportunity to capture their memorable day .