Mexico city | Maya & Maer


I just got the opportunity to go to Mexico City and be part of the love between two souls. 

Let me tell you a bit about them. Maya and Maer fell in love in Veracruz, but now their journey has taken them to the next chapter in their lives. They moved 4 years ago to Mexico City .

After meeting the beautiful souls of Maya and Maer, I saw that in their love there was more than just the words of “love”. They actually radiate love! You can see it in the way they both look at each other, the smile that grows in their faces, the passionate kisses, the giggles between them, and of course, the intimate jokes that they hold on to.

As the sun gave the signal that a new day begun, Maya and Maer started to walk down the path of the old city. You could see how the history and the colours of the city started to reflect in their walk. Maya and Maer filled the moment with an amazing aura, an energy that was so contagious, I was amazed to be around this incredible couple! 

We ended up in “The House of Tiles”. It is one of my favourite spots in the world, it’s an 18th-century palace in Mexico City. Built by the Count del Valle de Orizaba family, this place is a gem in the historic section of Mexico City. The building is distinguished by its facade, which is covered on four sides by blue and white tile from the state of Puebla. While we where here, Maya and Maer started to enjoy the moment and share with us how they express their love for each other: laughing, caring, joking, being playful, unique. So, this place, became the perfect spot to keep documenting the love between Maya and Maer.

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