Bonjour Montreal

Hi  Everyone!!

Let me stop for a second to tell you that I am seriously the luckiest photographer in the world. My clients are always so fabulous to work with. That's true of my session with the Borel family, too!

I met up with them in Montreal at their neighborhood  and the weather was perfect for photo-taking.  It was a cloudy day! While the weather was fine, it was the Borel family that made this shoot such a blast . 


The Borel family consists of Nadir , who is an adult with the heart of a kid . Thiago , who is 18 months very independent and always happy and Charlotte who is beautiful mom with a lot of energy.

“We love to spend quality time together, play with a ball, have a walk or just watch cartoons! As long as this is together!” says Charlotte.

As you can see from the comments above and the photos below, this family is not only photogenic, but also a close-knit group who clearly love spending time together. Nadir, Thiago and Charlotte!

 Hope you enjoy the pictures !  

Graffiti walls | Rue De Serve