best of 2018

Spring time is almost here, and with everything blooming I wanted to share my journey as a Wedding Photographer. 

Last year twenty-eight amazing couples put their trust in me to be part of their wedding and gave me the wonderful opportunity to do something I will always cherish and never forget, that is, the opportunity to capture the love and happiness of their wedding. With each couple I learned many things, but above all, I learned to look for those moments where pure love is, to see the glow of happiness in someones eyes. 

The year ended but to my surprise, I had applied to the Love (Actually) Photography Exhibition at Gladstone Hotel, in which one of my photos was selected to appear in the exhibition! In this incredible opportunity, I had the pleasure to showcasing the spontaneous reaction of true love between two people, the reaction of the bride seeing her future (present) husband before her at their wedding last October. I can only describe the smile hidden behind her hands, and the love in her eyes. 

I can only say that I am so grateful for the opportunity of seeing true love, and most of all to be the one, trusted to capture the love between two people. The bride and the groom’s love, a mother and daughter sharing a moment, the proud eyes of the parents, the grandmother’s sparkling tears, the reaction of the groomsmen and the bridesmaids. I am grateful for everything I have learned in each wedding, for the people that have help me grow my business, and for my family who have supported me every step of the way. 

I can not wait to show each and everyone out there my next project. I hope this spring brings you the light you need for your next project.